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Mirion is pleased to announce a special event.
Please join us at our next 
technical seminar in Richland, WA.

Wednesday & Thursday, April 17 & 18, 2019 |Richland, WA | Save your spot today!


There is no fee for participation in this seminar. Lunch, snacks, and beverages will be provided free of charge.

April 17: Spectroscopy

arrow.png 8:00 AM Welcome and Introductions

8:15 AM Optimizing Your Alpha/Beta Counting Experience

  • The Right Counter for You
  • New Solutions for Alpha/Beta Counting – the Series 6LB™ Counter
  • Live Demonstration of the Series 6LB Counter
  • Live Demonstration of Eclipse™ software
arrow.png 11:30 AM Configuring a New Germanium Detector
Working Lunch (provided)
arrow.png 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM — Open Break

1:00 PM — Making Strides with Gamma Spectroscopy

  • Creating Your HPGe Detector – What’s Possible?
  • Custom and Specialty Detectors & Applications – From Deep Mines to Deep Space
  • The Future of Portable Gamma Spectroscopy – AEGIS™ Spectrometer
  • Continuous Spectroscopic Monitoring

April 18: Health Physics

arrow.png 8:00 AM Welcome 

8:15 AM  What’s New from the Health Physics Division

  • RTLS – Live Time Personnel and Asset Tracking with Dose/Dose Rate Information
  • AVIOR®-2 System and DRM-3000™ Remote Area Monitor
  • Overview of the Systems
  • Hands On Demonstrations
arrow.png 9:15 AM — Break

9:30 AM — RDS-31™ Meter – All In One Radiation
Detection Handheld

  • Overview of the RDS-31 Platform
  • Uses and Probe Selection
  • Calibration
arrow.png 10:30 AM — Break

10:45 AM Remote Monitoring with WRM2™ System – from Personnel to Perimeter Monitoring

  • Overview of Wireless Systems
  • Techniques: Personnel, Area, Perimeter
  • Live Demonstration
arrow.png 11:30 AM — Lunch Provided

12:30 PM Gamma Imaging Revisited – and Introducing Our New NID (Nuclide Identification)

  • Product Overview
  • Advantages of iPIX™ Imager
  • Examples of Applications
  • Live Demonstration

1:30 PM — Unmanned Vehicles

  • Product Overview
  • Monitoring Techniques
  • Software
arrow.png 2:30 PM — Break

2:45 PM SIM-Teq™ Wireless Hands Free Training System with Simulated beta/gamma sources

  • Product Overview
  • Software Overview
  • Simulation Concepts
  • Live Demonstration / Hands On
arrow.png 3:45 PM — Summary Discussion