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Mirion Technologies + Canberra 


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A Message from Mirion CEO, Tom Logan


“1 + 1 = 3”

Just over a year ago, Mirion and Canberra became one.  In doing so, we created the largest, most capable solution provider in the nuclear measurement industry.  We have worked hard to make the integration seamless to our many customers and channel partners, but the project has been consuming.  Highlights of the challenges met over the past 12 months include:

  • Reorganizing the business into a new, more decentralized “operating model.” Our philosophy has long been to delegate authority deeply into the organization, thereby empowering our colleagues who are closest to the customer, shop floor, or situation to make rapid, well-informed decisions.  The new operating model is built upon 6 divisions:  Radiation Monitoring Systems, Health Physics, Spectroscopy, Sensing Systems, Characterization, and Dosimetry Services. 
  • Developing a shared foundation of infrastructure, comprised of hardware, software, policies, and process.
  • Optimizing our industrial footprint to reduce costs by concentrating volume into our more productive facilities. Concurrently, we have worked hard to improve our variable cost structure using our larger combined purchase volumes to reduce costs.
  • Rationalizing our commercial network to minimize overlap and to ensure the best blend of Mirion sales team members and channel partners.
  • Re-aligning our product families to feature the best in class products, and ensuring a coherent long-term product evolution roadmap with a focus on seamless compatibility.
  • Cultivating a common culture wherein we celebrate our rich history, yet identify strongly as Mirion colleagues.
  • Improving our overhead cost structure through functional consolidation, policy harmonization, and process improvement.

While we still have considerable work to do, we are proud of the progress we have made in such a short period of time.  Importantly, we believe our efforts will enable us to serve you better by fielding more customer facing employees with stronger product knowledge, providing a higher degree of responsiveness and flexibility, and sustaining our position as the innovation and value leader within the nuclear measurement space.


“Joining forces to establish a new standard of customer, safety and technology-driven radiation measurement solutions.”


As a global leader in radiation measurement, we are driven to protect people, property and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.


Q: Will this alter the company's product/solution portfolio? Will specific products be rationalized?
A: In the short and medium term, the company offer will remain consistent with the past. Future product developments are expected to take full advantage of the combined strengths of the company's technological and industry expertise. If and when products are removed from the product line in the future, they will be subject to normal phase-out, last-buy and notification policies as well as long term support commitments. Anything in the current combined portfolio can be purchased with complete confidence of support.

Q: Will I see any difference in Canberra products? Will the Canberra name be kept?
A: You will notice a new product logo which has been developed for Canberra products and solutions. This will be phased in on current Canberra products over the coming months. This revised logo/branding will also be present on literature and web pages - along with the Mirion corporate logo. 

Q: What is the company's commitment to long term support?
A: The company is fully committed to long term support of all company products. Our support commitment is five years from last sale. Any product in the combined portfolio can be purchased with complete confidence.

Q: Will this affect the name of the products or companies?
A: Mirion and Canberra name, brand and product names are expected to remain the same for the near future. The names of the local office/companies have been changed to a Mirion oriented naming convention.

Q: Who will be my sales contact going forward?
A:As changes have been made, we made every attempt at keeping you informed. Any Mirion sales personnel are able to direct you to right point-of-contact in case of uncertainty.

Q: Who will be my service contact?
A: Your service contacts will remain as they were before the merger. We will keep you informed if and when any changes occur. 

Q: Will the customer support I get change?
A: The more extensive worldwide support footprint resulting from the combination of the organizations should enhance the support on offer and provide the customer an even greater level of security and comfort in the combined company.