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Sign up for 2 courses and receive 10% off. 
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This is a great way to save while you complete one of our 6 Trax to Expertise Training programs. These Trax are designed to allow users to reach their chosen level of expertise in a certain subject.

Currently there are 6 Trax to choose from: Genie Gamma Spectroscopy Software, Apex-Gamma Spectroscopy Software, Apex-Alpha Spectroscopy Software, Apex-Alpha/Beta Analysis Software, ISOCS Measurement Applications, and iCAM Spectroscopic Air Monitoring Applications. Click here to learn more about our Training courses and options

 Our training courses are offered 3 different ways:

  • On-site Training - Let us come to you! We can have one of our specialized instructors come to you to teach your professionals right at your facility.
  • In-House Training - Don’t have enough people to have our instructor come on-site to teach? Come to one of our well-equipped, comfortable facilities to take the class you need.
  • e-Learning - Online Training - We have just completed our second online course program for one of our most requested courses. This exciting new medium means no travel and the courses can be completed at your own pace as time permits.

Click here to learn more about our Training courses and options








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