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URAD-Plus Bundled Packages 


Mirion Technologies (Canberra), Inc. is offering promotional URAD-Plus Bundled Packages directly to end users. Each package has been designed to ease compliance with organization-specific requirements or with particular applications in mind.


URAD-Plus Administration Package


Mirion offers a Window-based setup and configuration utility for the URAD-Plus: the S900C software.

  • Helps users set up a large quantity of instruments without using the keypad
  • Connection to a PC is achieved via an infrared cable
  • Allows user to select unique parameters for each unit or apply the same settings to multiple units via settings templates
  • Can lock alarm settings to ensure that end users use predefined alarm set points
  • Can prevent a user from clearing the accumulated dose
  • Enables download of up to 999 data points from a URAD-Plus unit’s memory to be saved in an Excel or text file

Administration packages are available in URAD-Plus unit quantities of 20, 50, and 100; each package includes the S900C software and an IR to USB cable (IR to serial cable available upon request).


URAD-Plus Self-Service Calibration Verification Package


Mirion offers calibration services at our facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee; however, we also offer a field calibration verification device called the FC2B, which contains an internal exempt quantity check source of 0.8 μCi of Cs-137. While the FC2B device does not actually calibrate URAD-Plus units, it can be used to verify whether or not a unit has fallen out of calibration. Using the FC2B onsite can create cost savings associated with:

  • Shipment to and from the calibration facility
  • Down-time associated with not having URAD-Plus units readily available
  • Calibration service charges

Calibration verification packages are available in URAD-Plus unit quantities of 20, 50, and 100; each package includes the FC2B.


URAD-Plus Annual Factory Calibration Package


Mirion offers in-factory calibration services for the URAD-Plus. Having a calibration contract in place with Mirion:

  • Provides assurance that units are calibrated to the exact manufacture’s specifications
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Ensures funding is already allocated when the services are needed
  • Aids in safety and compliance audits by proving advance safety maintenance planning
  • Ensures units are calibrated by experienced and knowledgeable technicians
  • Includes full traceability documentation and a unique calibration sticker affixed to each unit

Factory calibration packages are available in URAD-Plus unit quantities of 20, 50, and 100; each package includes a two-year annual factory calibration contract.


URAD-Plus Vehicle or Area Monitoring Package


The URAD-Plus can be mounted in a vehicle or on a wall to provide vehicle or area monitoring. The URAD-Plus mount has been designed to accommodate the associated DC charger, which (in applicable URAD-Plus models) plugs into the unit to power rechargable NiMH batteries. The charger terminates in a standard vehicle power plug that fits into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter or a wall adapter. 

Each vehicle package includes a URAD-Plus unit with a DC charging port, a URAD-Plus mount, and a DC charging cord.


URAD-Plus Custom Skins Package


Mirion offers custom patterns and designs for the URAD-Plus. Personalize your inventory with a custom color or design.

Custom skins packages are available in URAD-Plus unit quantities of 50 and 100; units are customized with your choice of skin.






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