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Nuclear Cameras: 
What’s new and what can they do for you?

July 30, 2020
1:00 - 2:00 pm EdT

“I don’t/can’t go there…” This is perhaps the most typical start to a conversation for Radiation Tolerant cameras. Did you know, today’s radiation tolerant cameras can provide you with close-up and/or overview images underwater, in air, and at radiation levels up to 200,000,000 Rads (2,000,000 Gray)? Perhaps more importantly, today’s camera systems can integrate with your existing installed systems, or we can provide turnkey knowledge and equipment to connect all of your viewing and recording requirements to site PCs and tablets. You will be able to remotely view your processes and coordinate efforts across your maintenance and operations teams, enhancing safety and efficiency throughout your facility.

A radiation environment does present challenges to obtaining stable quality video, and recent advances in hardware, software, and firmware are now enabling the ability to visualize information that was previously challenging or unobtainable. In this webinar we will introduce some of the new technologies and explain how Mirion can help you choose the right cameras, controllers, computers and components to successfully put information where required. Throughout the webinar, we will focus on successful solutions from where our customers view: fuel/fuel pools, reactor internals, robotics, telemanipulators, cranes or even patient treatment cells. This webinar is intended to be interactive and specific application questions are welcome at the end of the session. Through visual system solutions, you actually can “go there safely.”

Who should attend:

  • Project managers and planners responsible for new process and plant configurations
  • Plant engineers with responsibility for temporary and/or permanent modifications
  • Operations personnel in power and general radiation facilities
  • Middle and senior management for radiation facilities
  • New facility design and operations teams
  • Maintenance, plant support, or rapid response teams
  • Crane, telemanipulator, and robotic designers/manufacturers
  • Hot cell users, designers, and upgrade teams

This is our 15th in a series of free technical webinars that will give you the opportunity to interact with Mirion application and product experts on a variety of related topics.

David StewartPresented by
David stewart

David Stewart began his career with Mirion in 2001 as Director of Engineering and Development for the IST Imaging Division. Though the name of the company has changed over the years, David has remained passionate about Nuclear and Industrial Imaging products. As the company has grown and transformed, so, too, has David’s career; increasing in responsibilities for: Design, Projects, Operations, and Products both within and outside of Mirion’s Imaging business. David currently carries responsibility for some of our operations in the United States as well as Product Manager around the world for both Industrial and Nuclear Imaging lines. David’s enthusiasm about Imaging combined with his field experience and curiosity continues to drive his passion to find better and more efficient ways to solve customer problems.