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Overview of Basic iCAM™ Operation

August 20, 2020
1:30 - 3:30 pm EdT

This session is designed to provide the iCAM user with a basic understanding of the hardware, software and measurement application for proper operation. The presentation will cover the following topics: 

  • Overview of basic iCAM operating principles (display screens, setup and access control)
  • Overview of the iConfig software
  • Pictures of major components
  • Calibration features
  • Why do we need to correct for Radon/Thoron?
  • Quick start guidelines
  • Typical maintenance schedule
  • iCAM demonstration by instructor

Schwager_TerryPresented by
TerrY Schwager

Mr. Schwager has been part of the Technical Support team with Mirion Technologies, Detection & Measurement Division Americas in Meriden, CT since 2003.

Prior to working for Mirion Technologies, Mr. Schwager was employed with Aptec-NRC (formerly Nuclear Research Corporation) where he provided Radiation Safety Protection Training, generated Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS) equipment test procedures and technical manuals, as well as provided RMS equipment training.

At Mirion Technologies, he is responsible for providing Training and Technical Support on legacy Canberra™ RMS equipment, for the iCAM™ alpha beta air monitor and the contamination series of monitors, including the Argos™, GEM™-5, Cronos® and Sirius™-5 systems.