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Introducing the Intelligent Cryo-CycleTM Hybrid Cryostat: combining technologies to maximize the uptime of your detector

DATE: Wednesday, April 28, 2021
11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

Fifteen years after proudly introducing the concept of hybrid electric cryocoolers to the world of HPGe detectors, Mirion is excited to present the newest version of the Cryo-Cycle series: the Intelligent Cryo-Cycle Cryostat. The Cryo-Cycle hybrid concept combines the advantages of electric cooling with the long holding time of liquid nitrogen. In this webinar, learn how the Lab-Pulse™ Ready Intelligent Cryo-Cycle Hybrid Cryostat makes sure your HPGe detector remains cooled down and maximizes the uptime of your HPGe detector system, making use of a new cryocooler and advanced functions to monitor system performance!

PAUWELS_Dieter_001Presented by
dieter pauwels

Dieter Pauwels has more than seven years of gamma spectroscopy experience with HPGe detectors during his Ph.D. and post-doc research activities, before joining Mirion Technologies. In his first three years with the company, Dieter was a Field Service Engineer in the BeNeLux territory. His focus was on spectroscopy, and with gamma spectroscopy systems particularly. For the last three years, he has been Product Line Manager for Mirion’s HPGe detectors.

Who should attend:

Gamma spectroscopy technicians and supervisors