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RDS-32™ BLE Connection (SpirVIEW Mobile™ Software/RadResponder Network)

DATE: Wednesday, March 29, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

This webinar will cover all the functions and features of the RDS-32 App along with the connection and use with the Mirion SpirVIEW Mobile Supervisory Software and the RadResponder Network. In addition, we will discuss the ability to change alarm setpoints and parameters on the RDS-32 survey meter using the RDS-32 App instead of having to connect to a computer. Finally, we will ask for feedback on what you, the customer, would like to see with future developments of the RDS-32 App.

PerryPresented by
Perry White

Perry has a Health Physics background from experience at nuclear power plants and years working in commercial nuclear power. In addition, he has knowledge of instrumentation and implementation of new technology. In 2011, Perry retired from the Farley Nuclear Plant as an RP Supervisor and joined Mirion as a Sales Manager. In July of 2020 he transitioned his role to a Product Line Manager/Application Support Group position. He holds degrees in Health Physics and Engineering, and is NRRPT Certified.

Who should attend:
While applicable to all RDS-32 survey meter users (the App has both mrem/hr and uSv/hr units), the App is currently only offered in English. Those who will benefit are RDS-32 survey meter customers, commercial users, medical, military, civil defense, homeland security, Department of Energy, etc.